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The Best Mexican Seafood restaurant in Ramona! Mariscos Mar De Cortez

Do you like Seafood? How about Mexican Food? Well guess what! You can have BOTH! In this installment of Ramona Revealed we’re going to a place to eat fantastic Mexican Seafood, watch football in the fall, watch the classic cars on Cruise Nights and drink the BEST Micheladas in San Diego whenever the need for one hits you! You may have already figured it out! But if you haven’t, we’re talking about my favorite Mexican restaurant, Mariscos Mar De Cortez!

Like most business owners, Sam Lutt, the owner of Mariscos saw a need for a Mexican Seafood Restaurant in Ramona. So he decided to take action and opened Mariscos! He had the goal of creating a fun family atmosphere where you can bring your family whether it’s large or small and get some really good food at a really good price with quality service. So he got to work on it and today, it’s hands down the best Mexican Restaurant in Ramona!


At Mariscos, they are like family, and family is always there for you. That family style service is available to you 7 days a week. They have some great lunch and dinner items that are always quick, easy, and delicious.
But besides delicious food, and fabulous drinks. There’s so much more that makes Mariscos really special
The Happy Hour!
A lot of restaurants have Happy Hours once a week. That wasn’t good enough for Sam. He was committed to being a great meeting place for friends to get together at the end of the day tp unwind with friends and colleagues. The offer a great happy hour all day on Monday and then every day on Tuesday through Friday from 2-6 p.m. and for beer lovers, yes they do have local draft beers!

Cruise Night Wrist Band

One of the things I love about Mariscos, is that it’s the perfect place to go to on Thursday nights to meet up with friends for the Ramona American Graffiti Cruise. They offer a wrist band that is good for a 10% discount on food and drinks. This is a really great deal considering that the American Garfitti Cruise can go for a while. So the cruise night wrist band is a great way to get friends and family our for a good time, without breaking the bank! If you’re not sure what the American Graffiti Cruise is, it’s something we really love and take pride in here in Ramona. This summertime tradition takes place Thursday nights and runs through September and you can always count on Mariscos to be the place to go to for a great happy hour right before the Cruise kicks off!

First Responder Discount

At Mariscos, something I really appreciate is that they recognize and appreciate all First Responders, and thank them for the services they so selflessly provide to the community of Ramona. They welcome Law Enforcement as well as all active career and volunteer Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, and Search and Rescue Personnel, to take advantage of a 10% discount every day as a way of saying thank you to those that keep us safe at home and on the road. I really love that!
So the next time you’re looking for some great Mexican Seafood, go check out Mariscos, snap a pic with your favorite drink and share it with me here on my Facebook Page!

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