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Ramona’s Very Own Mobile Café

Did you know that Ramona, California is home to a mobile coffee shop? In this episode of Ramona Revealed, I’m going to introduce you to Lyndsay, owner of Gems Mobile Café. We’ll find out how she got her business started and get an idea of the delicious coffee and bites she offers.

Meet Lyndsay

If you’ve never tried a Vanilla Rose Latte from Gems Mobile Café, then you’re in for a treat. While we had a chat with Lyndsay on San Vincente just past Wildcat Canyon, this café on wheels travels all around Ramona.

When Lyndsay moved to Ramona from Oregon, one of the things she always joked about was how there weren’t any little pop-up coffee shops. Where she’s from, they have coffee shops like Human Bean, Black Rock, and Dutch Bros. In small Oregon towns similar to Ramona, they had a small coffee spot called Antlers. She knew there was a need to fill here in Ramona.

Opening A Business

Lyndsay wanted to have a coffee trailer so that she could be mobile, allowing her to go to different places in the community. One day, after talking about her idea, her husband told her to go ahead and do it. “Start a coffee trailer,” he said. 

Despite the fact that Lyndsay had never done anything like that before, she’s now a new business owner. She and her husband have been slowly figuring out the process for a couple of months, and people seem to love the concept so far. They often thank Lyndsay for being there, though she’s thankful for their business.

Seattle-Style Coffee

Gems Mobile Café offers coffee that’s both a Seattle and Brazilian-style roast. People often comment on its smoothness, which Lyndsay credits to a long search for local roasters. She settled on beans from a San Diego roaster from the Coffee + Tea Collective. 

Her roaster is from Washington, not very far from where Lyndsay is from. He even knew some of the same coffee people she did. Now, he makes all of Gems’ handmade syrups and special coffee roasts, boxing the coffee with her logo so she can sell it by the bag. 

Choosing Locations

With mobile coffee, I asked Lyndsay how she decides where she’s going to be at any given time. As a small-town kind of person, Ramona is one of the biggest places she has ever lived. The less distance she travels and the more local she stays, the happier she is.

Most often, Gems Moile Café is parked on San Vicente from Tuesday through Friday. Other times, they stay in Ramona and attend local events. This includes local soccer games, softball events, the rodeo, and the fair. They also plan to park at some pumpkin patches this season, letting everyone grab a pumpkin spice latte.

While Lyndsay usually stays in Ramona, she likes the fact that she can be mobile. For example, they’re going to Alpine for a school event to offer some fun Halloween cookies and treats for the kids. They’ll also be doing a couple more school events in Ramona, too. Her dream is to one day have little coffee trailers in every little small town. 

A Unique Logo

Not only is Gems Mobile Café a unique business, but it also has a unique logo. Lyndsay and her husband live at the Hidden Gem Ranch on Gem Lane in Ramona. The logo—featuring a colorful gem and her goat, Tommy—was drawn by her friend Don from Oregon.

Don is an artist that does album covers and other projects. He and his wife came up and visited Lyndsay with their daughter. They hung out and played with her goats, especially loving Tommy. It’s his face that is featured on the logo. 

Signature Drinks

I’ve tried a few of Gems Mobile Café’s offerings, and I love them all. Lyndsay’s favorites depend on the season; in the hot Ramona summer, she switched between iced teas to drinks like the Vanilla Rose Latte. It’s made with a rose petal simple syrup that’s very refreshing.

Because of the homemade syrups, the drinks are crisp and light—not like the ultra-sweet drinks at some other coffee shops. In the winter, mint chocolate mocha is a great option. Other syrup options include orange cinnamon—made with orange zest and cinnamon sticks—and black sea salt caramel. They’ve also been experimenting with pumpkin and pumpkin puree to make the perfect fall drink.

Lattes start with a whole milk base with two shots of espresso base. Of course, caffeine lovers can always add extra shots. About an ounce of syrup is then added, though they can be made sweeter to suit the customer’s taste.  You’ll definitely want to try one of Lyndsay’s drinks and experiment with syrup combinations.

Breakfast Bites

In addition to drinks, Gems Mobile Café also serves up delicious breakfast. Lyndsay likes the breakfast burrito, which is pretty hearty. It includes potatoes, sausage, and eggs fried up and topped with cheese and a secret sauce. 

It’s a big burrito that’s perfect to eat in the car on the way to work. It’s also large enough that you can save half for lunch later on. They also offer bagels, muffins, and delicious bread like pumpkin, banana, and lemon blueberry.

Start The Day Right

I hope this gave you a good idea of everything that Gems Mobile Café has to offer. Be sure to check out their Facebook page to find out where they’ll be parked next.

Thanks for tuning in to this episode of Ramona Revealed, my show where we focus on everything Ramona. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

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