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Climbing Ramona’s Potato Chip Rock

Did you know that Ramona is home to a famous snack-shaped rock? In this episode of Ramona Revealed, I’m going to you on a hike up to Potato Chip Rock. We’ll climb almost 4 miles to enjoy amazing views and burn tons of calories as we reach the summit.

Starting The Trek

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions. Today, we’re showing up and sticking to ours by taking a famous hike in the area. Starting at the base of Mount Woodson, we followed the trail that culminates at Potato Chip Rock.

The start of the trail is a little on the remote side of Highway 67. The trail is rated moderate, but if you’ve done it before, you know that’s not true. It’s big and it’s hard, but it will be worth it.

Ramona Valley Views

It took us 26 minutes to complete the first mile of the hike, burning 195 calories. At this point, the views are incredible. You can see snow on the mountain, and you’ll also be able to rest at turnouts that offer a view of the entire Ramona valley.

The homestretch is one last hill before approaching Potato Chip Rock. It took us 52 minutes to travel 1.89 miles, burning 372 calories. I hike this trail a lot and I haven’t seen any mountain lions, though we know they are native to and live in the area.

Completing The Hike

We made it up and down the mountain in one hour and 42 minutes. In total, the climb took us 3.95 miles. With incredible views and plenty of calories burned, it was definitely worth it.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out with any questions about the area, hiking, or real estate. For information on Ramona, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of Ramona Revealed. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

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