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Explore Ramona’s Stone Mountain Trail

Hi Ramona, it’s me again—Regina Flores from Big Block Realty. I hope you’re ready to explore with me because today we’re hiking at the beautiful Stone Mountain Trail in San Diego Country Estates! This trail is closer to our homes, but still has a moderate difficulty level that all of us can enjoy. With the perfect weather today, this will be a great adventure for everyone! Let’s take a look around…

Our hike started off nice and easy as we navigated to the entrance of the trail. The loop itself is less than three miles long, and should take about an hour or so depending on your pace. As soon as we stepped onto the trail, I could feel the peace and serenity that comes from being surrounded by nature. The smell of pine trees filled the air as we hiked through the woods.


Along the way, we got to experience some really unique wildlife. We saw birds and squirrels that were running around in search of food and playing in the greenery! One of my favorite things about this particular trail was how many different types of plants there were—it almost felt like a mini-botanical garden! There were also quite a few streams and creeks surrounding us along the path which was really calming.


Our hike ended up taking us just over 7000 steps (I know right?!) but it was definitely worth it. We enjoyed amazing views throughout our hike, including some spectacular vistas once we reached higher elevations along our journey. What can I say? San Diego has some amazing trails for hiking—you won’t regret coming out here for yourself if you haven’t already done so!


All in all, our time at Stone Mountain Trail was nothing short of incredible! From the stunning views to all of the wildlife sightings, this is one adventure you don’t want to pass up if you’re looking for something new and exciting near Ramona. It’s always nice when something close by can provide such an amazing experience like this one did for us today–be sure to check it out soon if you haven’t yet had an opportunity to do so! Thanks as always for joining me on another episode of Ramona Revealed–until next time! Keep exploring Ramona together with Big Block Realty!

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