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The Best Home Inspection in San Diego: Real Estate Inspection Company

Did you know Ramona is home to one of the best home inspection companies in San Diego? Lucky for us, they are our new neighbors!

In this episode of Ramona Revealed, we are thrilled to get to chat with Philippe Heller, President of The Real Estate Inspection Company.

In 2004, Philippe bought a home in Ramona. He had a corporate job that he had grown tired of. As he went through the home buying process, he realized how lacking the inspection report was. Then, he jumped to work and got started making his own company to make the process better for you!

If you are buying OR selling a home, Philippe recommends getting a home inspection. Don’t be afraid of what an inspection could reveal. Think of it as doing your homework. You do not want to be surprised after moving in. Not only does a true understanding of a home’s condition give you better negotiating power at closing, you can also feel confident in your decision.

Thanks to a background in technology, Philippe was not only motivated but capable of updating home inspections here in San Diego. He began using thermal imaging and high-tech aerial roof inspections in the process which was revolutionary for the San Diego area.

The Real Estate Inspection Company is always at the forefront of incorporating new technology that makes life easier for their customers and improves the entire inspection process. They use online scheduling tools and computerized reports, so you can access things quickly and easily.

The team at the Real Estate Inspection Company are some of the most experienced in the county. Their typical customers receive three to four times the cost of the inspection back in seller concessions or repairs. Talk about a good deal! They complete inspections throughout the region from San Diego to Orange County.

At Regina Flores Real Estate Group, we love having the Real Estate Inspection Company as our neighbors!


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