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The best Artisian shops in Ramona Casa Rustica

In our newest installment of Ramona Revealed, we’re going to a really neat spot. Something that you can’t find in many places around Ramona, or even in San Diago. We’re going to Casa Rustica! The story of how they got started is really special, and you as you tour Casa Rustica and take in their collection, you can really feel the history and how much Andy and Mary Anne really love what they do!

As a little girl, Andy Canales wife, Mary Anne Canales spent many summers visiting family in Guadalajara Mexico, her experiences visiting her Aunts, Uncles and cousins made for wonderful and lasting memories. Her modest upbringing instilled in her how important family is, to this day she travels to Mexico to visit her family members.

While vacationing in Mexico in 2012, Mary Anne introduced Andy to Guadalajara, the hospitality of the people was phenomenal, and it really stuck with him. The city of Guadalajara is a melting pot of the old world, a growing middle class, and a struggling lower class. The food is wonderfully delicious, the Spanish architecture rivals Europe, but most of all Andy said he was struck by the stunning beauty of the handcrafted decorative items made by local Artisans.

Fast forward to 2016, they decided to repair a 100-year-old house right on Main Street in Ramona Ca. They traveled back to Guadalajara and searched the factories and shops that made many of the beautiful handmade items they had fallen in love with; they negotiated purchase agreements, placed orders for many beautiful crafts and home décor items and shipped them to their shop to show the world how strikingly beautiful handcrafted décor from Mexico can be. They handpick rustic home décor products and today invite you to come experience the quality, beauty and unique art, crafts, jewelry, and furniture they offer at Casa Rustica.



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