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Sprung Insurance

It’s happened to all of us before… you knew it might happen eventually, but you didn’t think it would happen today…you sneeze, but you have no tissue to clean yourself up! Talk about catastrophe… Another thing you don’t want to be caught without is insurance. My go to insurance recommendation is Sprung Insurance Agency. 


Sprung Insurance is family owned and operated by Lyle Sprung and his wife. Here, you get the best of both worlds: you have the resources of a large company like Farmers Insurance, with the care and customer service of a small local business. The staff at Sprung Insurance all have something that can’t be trained, and that’s sincere kindness. Everyone here genuinely wants what is best for you and your family. They are here to do reviews of existing policies you have, or give you a quote and discuss what coverage would be best for you! The best part is you feel no pressure, they are not using you to make a sale, they are here to help. 


Lyle had been in the business of helping people for a while when a friend of his suggested the insurance business to him. He is passionate about providing protection for everyone and insurance protects people, their assets, and their families. An unfortunate truth is that the majority of people do not understand what their insurance means. They know that they have one, but they are not sure what it covers, and more importantly, what it does not cover. Lyle gets satisfaction from being able to sit down with clients and go through their coverage and educate them on what their policy means, what they are buying, and what is being done to protect them. 


Being able to inform people on their coverage so that each person in the community can be prepared and protected from anything is Lyle’s favorite part of the job. The insurance industry can be confusing. There are so many exclusions and exceptions. At Sprung Insurance Agency, they make sure you are well educated on your coverage and protected.

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