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Ramona Revealed: Abe’s Auto Sales

A lot of people have to have a car, it’s a part of life! But if you ask a lot of people, they will tell you that buying a car is something that they don’t enjoy doing. Car sales people can be pushy, and it’s stressful. Well, this week on Ramona Revealed, I thought that we should share a fantastic auto sales shop located right here in Ramona that is dedicated to providing an honest, stress free experience!

We’re talking about Abe’s Auto Sales!

Abe’s Auto Sales is located in at 1939 Main Street in Ramona, Abe’s Auto Sales is a pre-owned dealer that provides customers with a complete car experience at competitive prices. Which really helps when it comes to finding a deal! Right?

A while ago, Abe Farhat like a lot of the business owners that we highlight saw a need in Ramona and decided to take a chance on a dream and do what he loves. Which is being around, and talking about cars. So when he saw a shop come available, he took a chance and went for it!

Well, fast forward a couple of years and Abe’s dream has become a reality, and there’s nothing that indicates that he’s slowing down anytime soon. He makes the car buying process, fast, easy, and stress free! If you follow the Abe’s Auto Sales Facebook page, you can always see what he has available, as well as tons of happy smiling customers after they buy their new vehicle.

Something else that you can get at Abe’s Auto Sales is a pretty big deal if you’ve just purchase or sold a house in the Ramona area. Abe’s Auto Sales also has a large assortment of the U-Haul vehicles!

One of the things that was really impressive as we where working on this video and post is that Abe told us that they are known for their great customer service, and I know that Abe and his wife do a great job at helping people buy cars, and rent U-Haul trucks. But as we started looking online, we noticed something really cool. Everybody who works with him, absolutely loves their customer service! Just check out his reviews  U-Haul Service you can see his reviews for his auto sales service!

So if it’s time to buy your first car, or trade in on an old one. Why not go to a place where they don’t NEED to sell you a car to meet a quota.  Go to a place where they WANT to sell you a car because that’s what they enjoy doing. Go visit Abe at Abe’s Auto Sales.

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