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The Best BBQ In Ramona: Pete’s BBQ & Burgers

In this episode on Ramona Revealed, we are talking with James Murray, the chef at Pete’s BBQ. As you drive into town on the 78, the delicious smell of barbeque will get your stomach rumbling.

Pete’s BBQ is a real hidden gem in Ramona. You will find it at the back of Ramona Liquor. James partnered with a community entrepreneur to combine his culinary talent with business savvy. The two took the idea of putting a food stop in a liquor store from Texas where it is more common.

The difference between Pete’s BBQ and a standard barbeque joint is the Mexican twist. James took American barbeque classics and added them to local specialties like tacos, burritos, and carne asada fries.

If Mexican or barbeque aren’t your favorites, James also makes killer gyros! You will even find lamb and pastrami on this extensive menu.

James recommends giving the ribs, pulled pork, or brisket a try. He cooks the meats for 13 hours so it is juicy and tender. The meat isn’t the only thing that shines on this menu. The sides are pretty great too! The mac and cheese is delicious, plus you can get it with pulled pork.

James loves to see customers walk in with big smiles on their faces, especially if they look excited to eat.

After watching James smoke ribs all afternoon I can assure you, you won’t want to pass up this BBQ stop on your next drive through town.

A tip from locals: they serve beer!

If you can’t make it over to visit Pete’s in person, try ordering their barbeque to cater your next event. Your guests will not be disappointed.

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