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Ramona Revealed: Knight’s Mattress and Furniture

What’s your most favorite place in your house? For a lot of people, it’s their study, outdoor space, big chair, comfy couch, or love seat. But, for me it’s my dining room table!  The reason why is because my dining room table is where my family has always come together at the end of the day. It’s where kids do their homework, it’s where we make important family decisions.

While you can find furniture in yard sales, antique stores, online, or even somewhere down the hill. We have what I believe is the best option if you’re looking for furniture in Ramona! And today we’re featuring them in this installment of Ramona Revealed!
We’re talking about Knight’s Mattress & Furniture on main street in Ramona!
Shani and Mary Knight have been in the furniture business for 20 years and recently moved back to Ramona. They noticed that if anyone wanted furniture or a mattress they had to order online, or travel to get them! So they did something about it, and put 20 years experience to work and opened Knight’s Mattress & Furniture, offering a fabulous selection of furniture and comfy mattresses to the Ramona area!
One of the things I like about Knight’s is that when you visit, you get more than a sales person who follows you around, waiting for you to make a decision. Nobody likes that. At Knight’s Furniture & Mattress they have a conversation with you about what you’re looking for, your likes, dislikes and assist you in finding the perfect piece of furniture or mattress for your home! They help you find options and treat you like a friend or family. That’s something that we can all appreciate.
So next time you’re looking for the perfect piece of furniture or a new mattress for your home in Ramona. Do yourself a favor and go check out Knight’s Furniture & Mattress on Main Street.

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