Moving is THE WORST.

No one wants to pack everything up, sort through all of their possessions, donate the stuff, all while keeping the house tidy for showing.

To help get you through this stressful and time-consuming process, I created a checklist to guide you. The tips I compiled may even help you save some money!

Step 1: Decide what to keep and what to give away.

You don’t want to pack up all the baggage you have been storing and move it into your new home. First, sort through it all and get rid of what you don’t need. Anything you haven’t used or thought of in months, donate! Ramona Food and Clothes accepts donations and gives back to the community. Drop off what you don’t need there to lighten your load AND feel good about it.

PLUS, you save money not paying for boxes and moving trucks for stuff you won’t even need.

Step 2: Prepare your home for sale.

Consider what potential buyers are looking for. Try to make your home look as neutral as possible. You want them to walk in and be able to imagine their life instead of seeing yours.

Walk through your home and scan the rooms for things you can remove to create a clean and simple look. Minimal is in!

Step 3: Start packing.

Now that you have decluttered, get those boxes ready! With some of your lesser used belongings packed up, your home may even show better. Be sure to store packed boxes in spaces that won’t be an eyesore to potential buyers.

Step 4: Make your home shine.

You have packed up a bit, now get to cleaning. Try to really pay attention to the details. Scrub the floorboards, wipe the dust off the ceiling fans, and clean the stove top. You want everything to look spotless. Don’t forget to light a candle or spray something nice in your bathroom to really put the cherry on top.

Step 5: Show time!

You are ready to sell! Your home will be welcoming, clean, and neutral which all buyers love.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and save some money in the process. If you put in the work before listing it on the market, you may even pull in more offers! Contact Regina Flores Real Estate Group if you want more help listing your home.